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Our team was one of the first to occupy the niche of consulting services provision to private clients in Russia and unites specialists with extensive practical skills in the tax, financial and legal fields along with an outstanding experience in the corporate tax structuring.
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We helped the client meet all tax obligations for the reporting period. Among other things, we prepared and filed a 3-NDFL tax return based on the results of the tax period (on income from Russian and foreign sources, including income from the sale of property, income from securities, income from renting real estate, incl. abroad, etc.).

We have prepared and submitted notifications on opening and changing the details of foreign accounts, as well as reports on the movement of funds on them.

In addition, we accompanied the client during the period of the desk tax audit, represented the client in the tax authorities of the Russian Federation and prepared responses to requests from the tax authorities and objections to the requirements. AUDIT OF PERSONAL FINANCE FOR TAX AND CURRENCY RISKS We helped the client assess and mitigate existing tax and currency risks. To do this, we conducted a diagnosis of financial assets, as well as the existence of justifications regarding the sources of origin of funds. Based on the results of the analysis, we prepared and submitted the necessary documentation in order to reduce the identified tax and currency risks.

We also developed an action strategy and prepared a package of documents confirming the legal origin of capital. In the future, the client can use this package of documents in case of questions / requirements of the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, as well as when opening bank accounts and undergoing the KYC procedure ( Know Your Client - a set of measures to study the client's reliability).  
The client asked us to help with the declaration of income, including income received from renting real estate abroad, in order to offset the tax paid abroad and avoid double taxation.

Our specialists prepared and filed a personal income tax return in respect of income received by an individual from the lease of real estate in another country. Together with the declaration, we prepared and submitted an application for a tax offset paid in another country. In preparing this statement, we have analyzed and taken into account the provisions of the current double tax treaty.

Thanks to the work carried out, the client fulfilled its tax obligations in Russia for the reporting period and avoided possible double taxation, since the approach we chose allowed us to form a balanced tax burden in the ways provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation and international agreements.
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